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LED street lamp energy saving effect is good

2015-07-29 07:17:13

Ma"anshan City, the main city of the street lamps in the upgrade to LED street after the energy efficiency is obvious, and compared with the traditional high energy consumption, 25051 LED street lamp can save electricity 3000000 yuan per year.

According to He Fei, director of the street lamp management, Ma"anshan city in the street lamp energy saving to do a lot of efforts, the effect is good, mainly "management power", specifically reflected in three aspects." Fei introduction, one is adjustment and maintenance time and reduce maintenance power loss, street lights maintenance are arranged in the night after lighting, avoid daytime open street maintenance, causing power losses; the second is to establish urban lighting management system through the monitoring and dispatching center and distribution monitoring terminal box control in the urban area of 360 Street, the City streetlights wireless communication, control and data acquisition, according to the actual road illumination science street lamp switch; the third is part of the implementation of the night lighting control, according to the actual situation of the road, on the part of the outskirts of the city traffic smaller sections. In zero after shut down the sidewalk side street.

In addition, Taibai Road also uses the latest scientific research achievements: "diamond" LED lamp. He Fei further introduction, 2010 streetlights have all been used this "diamond" LED lights, dress up the road more brightly than before the, electricity for less, only Taibai Road street lights each year can be 30 thousand yuan to save electricity. Next, the city street lamp management will be in the right time, the road gradually spread the use of such a diamond LED lights.

Ma"anshan scientific and effective use of street lamps, through the upgrading of LED street lamps and reasonable control and control, to achieve the goal of saving energy and money, and achieved good results.